• North Summit view – Prospect Mountain Preserve

    Prospect Mountain Preserve – Litchfield Land Trust

    1 standard
  • Cranberry Mine and Black Mountain Loop – Harriman State Park

    1 standard
  • Clove Furnace Historic Site

    Clove Furnace Historic Site

    0 standard
  • view north from the summit of Bald Mountain

    Bald Mountain, The Timp and Doodletown – Bear Mountain State Park

    5 standard
  • Lake Skannatati and Lake Kanawauke as viewed from Pine Swamp Mountain

    Rockhouse Mountain, Lake Askoti and Pine Swamp Mountain Loop – Harriman State Park

    1 standard
  • Pine Swamp

    Pine Swamp Loop – Harriman State Park

    2 standard
  • Island Pond

    Boston Mine and Island Pond – Harriman State Park

    0 standard
  • Cranberry Mine

    Cranberry Mine – Harriman State Park

    1 standard
  • Stockbridge Shelter

    Lewis Mine and Stockbridge Mountain – Harriman State Park

    2 standard
  • view north from the cliffs

    Cornish Estate Ruins and Little Stony Point

    2 standard
  • Boston Mine

    Lemon Squeezer and Boston Mine – Harriman State Park

    0 standard
  • Hogencamp Mountain

    Hogencamp Mountain – Harriman State Park

    0 standard
  • Horseshoe Mine and Buttermilk Falls

    Horseshoe Mine and Buttermilk Falls

    0 standard
  • Bradley Mine – Harriman State Park

    3 standard