Horseshoe Mine and Buttermilk Falls

June 26, 2016 – Spring Glen, NY

Difficulty: easy

Length: approximately 1/4 mile

Route type: out and back

The Horseshoe mine is an exploratory lead mine near Spring Glen, NY. The mine is situated at the base of a mountain waterfall, with the water flowing down and over the mouth of the mine. No record of this mine seems to exist, however it may have been part of the North American Coal and Iron Co. Mine explorations, which dates it back to between 1838 and 1850. From different accounts that I have read the mine is said to go back as far as 300 – 500 feet. At the time of my visit the sun was shining brightly which caused significant glare to bounce off the wet rocks and also the fallen tree which lay across the front. On this day I did not go inside the mine due to the water being higher than what I was equipped for. I plan on going back when the sun is at a different angle and with higher boots.

The mine/falls is located a little down the road from the Spring Glen Campgrounds on a dead end street. It is also just a stones throw from the Delaware and Hudson Canal Trail which passes right by there. When I first heard of this unique spot I knew I had to check it out. A mine with a waterfall cascading over it, come on, it was a no brainer. After visiting the High View Tunnel I headed right over to it. I had decent directions thanks to a YouTube video, because when it comes to certain cool places people are hesitant to share the location. I had no trouble finding the spot and was pleased to find a trail leading up to it which meant no bushwacking. When I got to the falls there was a family enjoying their morning there. They left not too long after I arrived. I hope I didn’t scare them away. I took numerous shots, but that glare was awful. Next time I hope to get better shots.

Horseshoe Mine and Buttermilk Falls

Horseshoe Mine and Buttermilk Falls

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After spending some time at this picturesque and tranquil spot it was time to get going. I was 20 minutes from Bear Hill Nature Preserve and some majestic views.

Happy trails……..


Horseshoe Mine and Buttermilk Falls

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