• West Rock Ridge State Park

    Judges Cave Loop from from Amrhyn Field – West Rock Ridge State Park

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  • rock outcrop near Baldwin Drive

    Konold’s Pond Overlook from Lake Wintergreen – West Rock Ridge State Park

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  • View of Crescent Lake from lower rock outcrop

    Crescent Lake Recreation Area Loop

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  • observation tower – Sleeping Giant State Park

    Tower Loop via the Quinnipiac Trail – Sleeping Giant State Park

    1 standard
  • Besek Mountain as viewed from Black Pond State Wildlife Area

    Mattabesett Trail – Beseck Mountain

    2 standard
  • Silver Lake from Mount Lamentation

    Mount Lamentation Loop from Giuffrida Park

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  • Chauncey Peak Loop - Giuffrida Park

    Chauncey Peak Loop – Giuffrida Park

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  • Merimere Reservoir, Mine Island and South Mountain as viewed from East Peak

    South Mountain Loop – Hubbard Park

    2 standard
  • Castle Craig

    Castle Craig Loop – Hubbard Park

    5 standard