Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill

August 7, 2016 – Rhinebeck, NY

Difficulty: easy

Length: approximately 1 mile

Route type: up and back (can be done in a loop)

Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill is one of the highest points in Rhinebeck. From the peak of the Hill you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Catskill Mountains to the West and the Taconic Mountains to the east. Everyone likes views and this place provides some of the best views that I have seen. To top it off, the payoff is only a 1/2 mile walk up a somewhat steep grassy hill. I had heard about this place and have seen some images of the view. I was looking to incorporate this short hike with another in the area because of the 1 1/2 hour drive from where I live. After driving up to Poets’ Walk Park and doing a 2 mile loop, I was left wanting some real views. This was just a short drive away, so off I went.

The parking area is a decent size and there weren’t many vehicles in the lot. As it turned out they were shooting a video there so the vehicles belonged to the cast and crew. I was surprised that there wasn’t anyone else there at midday on a Sunday, but I was thankful to have the place to ourselves.

The trail up to Burger Hill starts to the left of the informative kiosk on the other side of the fence.

Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill kiosk

Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill kiosk

We proceeded up the trail which immediately began to steepen.

Burger Hill summit trail

Burger Hill summit trail

It was a scenic walk up the hill with the entire countryside in view to my right.



I couldn’t believe how good the view was. The hill was kind of steep, but I only stopped to capture images. I was anxious to get to the summit and see the whole world from there.



Once at the top I just started to snap away. I took photographs from every angle.

view from the summit

view from the summit

It was a gorgeous day and the sky was filled with clouds. I even saw the DirecTV blimp.

DirectTV blimp

DirecTV blimp

It was nice sitting on a rock at the summit without anyone else there. This place was amazing! definitely one of the Hudson Valley’s best scenic views.

one of the Hudson Valley's best scenic views

one of the Hudson Valley’s best scenic views

After quite some time at the summit of Burger Hill, it was time to go. I almost didn’t want to leave, but it was National Lighthouse Day and I wanted to see one. The trail  goes past the summit and around the back of the property. I decided to descend the same way I went up. After all, I was going to savor the view on the way down as I did going up. For such a short hike this place rewards you with one hell of a payoff. If you haven’t been here, what are you waiting for! Until next time folks, keep on trekking…….

keep on trekking

keep on trekking










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